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Find Web Properties For Sale

Learn how to find, evaluate, and bid on web properties. Then we will show you how we are able to 3-5x our investment

Boost the Businesses Revenue

Identify opportunities for improvement and scale what works to maximize the existing revenue and bring in new sources of income

Reinvest Earnings and Build a Portfolio

Learn how to reinvest your earnings in the most effective way and start building your digital property empire like we have

Spencer HawsEntrepreneur and Blogger

I sold Long Tail Pro to Wired Investors and was still able to keep 20% equity in the business. I can open up my bank account and see over a million dollars in there, and know that one of the best teams in the world are working to grow my business. I can’t recommend WiredInvestors enough.

About Us

Wired Investors specializes as a high-end broker, a resource for savvy internet investors and also as investors with our own portfolio. This combination means that we have a wealth of experience that makes us the most well-rounded broker, with one of the best teams in the world.

You can find out more about the team behind Wired Investors and what we can do for you, as either a buyer or a seller on our About Page.

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