Wired Investors is currently looking to purchase new online businesses at competitive rates, whilst often allowing you to keep equity in them. In this way you are able to benefit from not only receiving a lump-sum payment, but also from having our world-class team continue to grow the business in which you retain equity. To our knowledge no other broker offers such advantageous terms to sellers and this is why in the past 6 months we've been able to acquire multiple businesses, including Long Tail Pro from Spencer Haws.

Spencer HawsEntrepreneur and Blogger

I sold Long Tail Pro to Wired Investors and was still able to keep 20% equity in the business. I can open up my bank account and see over a million dollars in there, and know that one of the best teams in the world are working to grow my business. I can’t recommend WiredInvestors enough.

  • Retain equity in the business
  • Have a world-class team work on your website
  • Previous sellers often become investors alongside us
  • Lower brokerage fee than many other competitors

Wired Investors

​Do what the best in the industry are doing. 
With lower brokerage fees than our competitors and a world-class team of sales people, you'll be in safe hands.

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