Wired Investors acts as a broker, connecting sellers and buyers to make as many successful deals as possible. If you’re looking to purchase high-end online businesses, to filter out small deals and to work with one of the best teams in the world, then we’re here for you. We specialize in high-end deals only to make sure that our time isn’t spent on smaller transactions, meaning that each of our deals is a lot more important to us than it would be to other brokers. Each of our buyers will get a personal gold-standard service. Don’t mess around with the rest, when you can work with the best.

Eric WeissDigital Strategist and Investor

Wired Investors gives investors unparalleled returns. Period. The acquisitions that they identify usually have a baseline of at least 30% on 7-figure acquisitions before they execute their operational plan. Secondly, their operational expertise is unmatched with software, content, management & everything in between.

Once they execute, returns start soaring. You’ll be dealing with a team that has experience ranging from Goldman Sachs to building multi-million dollar online companies. I can almost guarantee that you will make more money on the investment than if you were to take over the company yourself, run it, attempt to restructure it & then sell it yourself. Plus you have the added benefit that your money will be working for you passively.

  • Get access to sales which aren’t available to the public
  • Have a world-class team personally guide the deal
  • Find high-end deals that other brokers don’t know about
  • Experience our gold-standard service to make life easier

Wired Investors

​Do what the best in the industry are doing, buy and invest through Wired Investors and get access to high-end businesses which the public don’t know about.

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