About Us

Wired Investors is a global private equity firm focused on  small cap digital assets. We acquire and operate a portfolio of digital businesses and have a wealth of experience with deal sourcing, diligence, structuring and operations.

How We Work With Investors


If you’re looking to invest in digital businesses without having to operate them, Wired Investors is here to help.

Identify and Diligence

We source, evaluate, and acquire the best off-market businesses. We rarely acquire broker-listed assets

Grow The Assets

We identify opportunities to systematically maximize revenue and 2x+ the business.

Build A Passive Portfolio

Our in house operations team manages our portfolio of businesses, while you earn passive returns.

Asset Types

We invest in digital assets including online media properties (blogs, affiliate sites, lead generation sites), software companies (SaaS, downloadable software), and crypto/token projects

Spencer Haws

Entrepreneur and Blogger

"I sold Long Tail Pro to Wired Investors and was still able to keep 20% equity in the business. I can open up my bank account and see over a million dollars in there, and know that one of the best teams in the world are working to grow my business. I can’t recommend WiredInvestors enough."

From The Blog

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